A few of my nieces live out of town so I rarely have the time to spoil them in person.  This summer they were in town for several weeks and I amazed how much they had changed in just one short year.  Our family was also blessed with a new niece while they were in town.  Crazy me wanted to get all 5 of my nieces and nephews together for a photo shoot.  It was fun but they wore me out.  They had lots of energy.  And being the aunt that I am, I gave them iced sugar cookies for a reward for a wonderful job.  They did get to run some of that extra energy off in the yard before heading home for nap times.  A couple of my favorites in the show below.



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High School Senior Session

For this session we did a lot of studio images before heading outside.  He wanted some pictures taken with his car so I found a location with a closed road that had nice backgrounds.  We ended the session at the football field.

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Reluctant Model

Last Thursday it started storming pretty bad so I decided to get off the computer for awhile.  I decided to clean some of my equipment and then started to play around with my 50mm f1/4.  The depth of field is so beautiful at 1.4 but sometimes I have trouble getting that tack sharp focus with it.  Our dog was laying in some beautiful light so I decided to practice on her.  She had a very unthrilled expression on her face.  Probably since we had run earlier in the morning and I was disturbing her nap time.  Here is one of my favorites from practice time.

Trim Photo & Video Solutions

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Basketball Highlights

I worked with Sarah’s family to create an updated highlight video from her 2012 AAU season. They provided a few games on DVD and I filmed a few games as well. Taking all the footage I created her highlight video which is below. The first few highlights are from games that I filmed. The last highlights are from the last game I filmed for them. A link to her profile page is also below.

Sarah Ammons – Player Profile

Sarah Ammons | Basketball | Guard | Class of 2013


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 My nieces came into town this summer for a few weeks.  The oldest has been wanting to learn how to ride a horse for awhile.  For her birthday she received lessons.  Galerie Farm was the perfect location for her lessons.  I met the owner several years ago through my photography.  She was great in picking the instructors and horses for my niece.  She had a blast learning how to care for and ride horses.  At one point she told her mom that they needed to stay longer so she could take more lessons 🙂  I was so happy that I got to go along to her lessons.  Of course I had to document them.  Here are a few of my favorites from her second lesson.

I kept waiting for her to get into the perfect light that was shining from one end of the barn.  It hit her face just perfectly.

Learning how to put the bridal on.
She was a quick learner and has a huge grin on her face from riding on her own.
She managed to turn the horse around the corner on her own.
Practicing her turns.

 And the all important way to stop a horse.

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