High School Senior Session

Calle wanted a high school senior that fit her personality which is what I love to do.  We made the session unique to her.  We had fun exploring part of Eden Park and downtown Cincinnati.  Here are just a few of my favorites from the session:

Love the simple white dress with some bling incorporated.

She has been playing guitar for years so we definitely wanted to include it in a few images.

We had to go through a wet field of grass to get to the wildflowers.  It was so worth it.

A quick outfit change and we headed downtown.

The little breeze was perfect.

Love her eyes.

A great smile while sitting on some uncomfortable metal but she still rocked it.

People on lunch break were watching as they walked by but she did not let it bother her.

Some city feel to the image.


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Trying New Things

I have been playing around with creating multiple exposure images in camera for about a year.  Still trying to perfect everything but thought I would share a few images from this past baseball season.  I was trying to get a great image of a pitcher going through his entire pitching motion.  The first image below is my favorite one.  The background was nice and clean as well as dark.  (thank you storm for rolling in)  It is only 4 exposures though and I think it needs a bit more.  Plus the ball is covering his face in one exposure.  Love to hear your thoughts.

Trim Photo and Video Solutions

4 exposures to make the image

Trim Photo and Video Solutions

5 exposures but I had a little camera shake in there.

Trim Photo and Video Solutions

Back to 4 exposures.

Trim Photo and Video Solutions

I tried 6 exposures which I liked but the background hinders the image.

Trim Photo and Video Solutions

Just 5 exposures and I cut his foot off.  Again I am not a big fan of the background.

Barry Behrmann - Neat effect! Is this all done within the camera? Are you able to put a solid frame in there (possibly the last frame)? Might require post processing, though. I agree, that the lighter, less busy background works the best. Nice shots!

admin - It was all done in camera with a little post processing to make the player pop a bit more off the background. I’ll have to play around with adding a solid frame. Thanks for the idea and feedback!

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I love photographing catchers.  They are always so involved in the game.  A lot of what goes on the field involved them.  From calling pitches, blocking balls in the dirt, catching fouls, blocking the plate from a runner, settling a pitcher down, setting the defense and hopefully congratulating the pitcher on a job well done after the game.  Here are just a few of my favorite images from the season so far:

Catching the foul balls.

Trying to prevent a runner from scoring.

Successfully keeping the runner from scoring.

Keeping the ball in front of him.

Grabbing the pitch out of the dirt.

The everyday task of catching a pitch.

Keeping an eye on the runner straying far from second base.

Watching the runners after a pitch in the dirt.

Setting the defense.

Discussing things with the pitcher.

Backhanding a ball to the plate.

Taking a minute after a strike-out.

The congrats on a job well done after the game.

And occasionally they are still little boys that like to play in the dirt after warming up a pitcher.

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